About Us

CADTALK was inspired by thousands of CAD drawings. Thousands of drawings that had to be manually entered into ERP systems.

As engineers, our founders knew there had to be a better way. Their plan: Create software that translated CAD data directly into ERPs. And let engineers do what they do best – design and build, instead of entering tedious data.

Thirteen years later, more than 100 customers across 5 continents benefit every day from this moment of inspiration. Our team of software engineers experienced in manufacturing, distribution and ERP systems designed and built CADTALK to offer configurable, easy-to-implement software that delivers excellent business value.

CADTalk At a Glance

Founded: 2004

Fort Mitchell, Kentucky

More than 100, across 5 continents

The CADTALK difference

With CADTALK, companies can transfer CAD data easily and quickly into a variety of ERP systems.

Our engineers thoroughly understand the nuances and features of each ERP to deliver a deeply integrated solution out-of-the-box.

This in-depth knowledge eliminates the need for customization, reducing implementation time from weeks to hours. CADTALK consultants typically can implement customer software in 6 to 10 hours. Our customers are also never surprised by inflated, out-of-scope implementation costs. 

Our customers are always first

At CADTALK, our end goal is complete customer satisfaction. We’re proud of our 98% customer retention rate because it shows that our dedication to effective solutions pays off for our clients.

That’s why we offer you demos and trial periods, using your data, to show how CADTALK will work in your environment. Our trial periods give you complete confidence in our software’s usability.

The CADTALK team still vividly remembers the hours of work with CAD drawings that provided those initial moments of inspiration and vision. We will always strive to streamline engineering processes to enable faster and smoother production processes. That’s the CADTALK promise.