CAD from CPQ

Generate CAD Models from Unique Product Configurations

CAD Models Generated from CPQ

If you manufacture products that are highly complex and have dozens (or thousands) of potential configurations, you know all too well that it’s difficult, if not impossible, to manage the engineering drawings for every possible configuration.

CADTALK Design Automation (DA) integrates with virtually any configure price quote (CPQ) product configurators to produce a finished CAD model based on selected options and values.

When used in tandem with CADTALK ERP, CADTALK DA completes the design process integrating the engineering and bill of material management process across CAD, CPQ, and ERP applications!

Manage Complexity with Ease

Complex manufactured products such as industrial equipment and machinery, automotive and transportation products, aerospace and defense equipment, furniture, electronics and electrical equipment, and other products are often configured based on customer requirements. Each option may have dependent values which can affect other options and values that may be utilized in the part configuration.

This poses a huge problem for manufacturing engineers since some items could literally have hundreds of thousands of potential configurations. Most of these manufacturers have implemented product configurators (also known as configure price quote or CPQ) software to manage the options and values – their dependencies, and the associated costing and pricing calculations for estimates, quotes, sales, and financial transactions.

However, once configured, the final (and often unique) configuration is left without a CAD model. At least until now. CADTALK DA connects  to CPQ configuration software generating a finished CAD model based on the options and values selected during the configuration process.

Key Benefits

  • Generate accurate CAD models based on unique CPQ product configurations
  • Eliminate CAD design errors trying to replicate the options and values selected on one-off customer orders
  • Automate CAD model creation based on data within existing CPQ systems
  • Connect all engineering data and processes including CPQ, CAD and ERP bills of material with CADTALK ERP
  • Eliminate data entry errors and streamline engineering processes