CADTALK for Acumatica

Acumatica is one of the fastest growing, cloud-based ERP applications in the world. It’s a fantastic product with a robust suite of manufacturing applications but there is a disconnect between data inside Acumatica and data managed by manufacturing engineers in CAD, PDM, and PLM applications. CADTALK ERP closes the gap by leveraging artificial intelligence to transform the bill of material, routing, item, inventory, and other data from these engineering and design applications into fully-functional data inside Acumatica.

Each time a new part is designed in CAD or an existing part is revised, CADTALK can transform this data to create new items, new inventory records, new bills of material, and new routings in Acumatica. Further, it can identify the changes between data inside CAD and data already in Acumatica so you know which information needs to be updated (bidirectionally) between the two systems ensuring that everyone is working from the same up-to-date information.

CADTALK reduces the hand-off from CAD/PDM/PLM systems to Acumatica manufacturing and inventory data by 80% virtually eliminating manual data entry and data entry errors. Further, artificial intelligence allows CADTALK to develop the manufacturing routing including all labor operations, manufacturing cycle time calculations, scrap percentages, and more. It can even select the best vendor and warehouse location for items and can create inventory records by stocking location.

Acumatica users may also be interested in CADTALK DA to automate the creation and process of generating CAD Models based on input from configure price quote (CPQ) product configuration applications. Other popular CADTALK products for Acumatica include CADTALK DFM (Design for Manufacturing – view Acumatica data from inside CAD/PDM/PLM) and CADTALK NEST (Nesting Software Integration).

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