From CAD to Infor CSI: End-to-End BOM Automation

Infor CloudSuite Industrial (formerly SyteLine) is a truly world-class ERP application for manufacturers and distributors. It is especially well-suited for manufacturers engaged in automotive, industrial equipment and machinery, aerospace and defense, electronics and electrical, and other industry segments where engineering designs, revisions, and complex bills of material run rampant.

That’s why so many Infor CSI customers rely on CADTALK to streamline the engineering to manufacturing hand-off by leveraging artificial intelligence to transform the engineering bill of material (eBOM) from CAD/PDM/PLM applications into manufacturing bills of material (mBOM), routings, items, inventory records, and other data inside Infor CloudSuite Industrial. CADTALK works bidirectionally keeping data in both systems in sync while providing advanced features to add manufacturing operations, calculate manufacturing cycle times, and even determine estimated scrap on jobs. It can also select the best vendor and warehouse location for each bill of material and routing.

Manage Engineering Revisions for Open Infor CSI Jobs

In addition, CADTALK JOBS allows you to update the bill of material and routing operations for open Infor CSI jobs directly from the revised CAD model making it easier than ever to deploy new engineering revisions for Infor CSI – for both the original BOM and routing as well as open jobs.

Manage BOMs Across Infor CSI Sites

We recently extended CADTALK to provide more flexibility for data transformation where you can now import and edit bill of materials into multiple Infor CSI sites at the same time. You no longer have to log in and out of each site like you do in SyteLine and you can even copy bill of materials from one site to the other and use our AI engine to apply data transformations along the way.



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