CADTALK for Sage X3

CAD Integration for Sage Business Cloud X3

Sage Business Cloud X3 (Sage Enterprise Management/Sage X3/Adonix), is a truly global enterprise resources planning business application designed for a wide variety of businesses ranging from wholesale distribution and mining to all segments of manufacturing. Sage Enterprise Manufacturing is especially well suited for manufacturers in discrete manufacturing industries including rubber and plastics, industrial equipment and machinery, fabricated metal products, electronics and electrical equipment, automotive, and aerospace and defense where finished goods can be comprised of dozens if not hundreds or thousands of components which are constantly being revised.

CADTALK simplifies the data transfer between over 30 popular CAD/PDM/PLM applications and Sage Enterprise Management by transforming the engineering bill of materials (eBOM) into manufacturing bills of material (mBOM), production routings, items, and inventory records inside Sage Enterprise Management in minutes reducing the engineering to manufacturing hand-off by 80% with dramatic improvements throughout the enterprise including costing, material planning, and scheduling.

CADTALK for Sage Business Cloud X3

(12 Minute Video)

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