Nesting Software Integration

Nesting is the process of optimizing the layout of parts on a flat sheet of material (typically metal, plastic, fabric, wood, or other material) to reduce scrap and optimize finished good production. Modern nesting processes can also be applied to 3D printing or additive manufacturing to optimize the production of printed products created during the additive manufacturing process.

The layout optimization is managed in specialized nesting applications with highly customized and expensive integration to ERP business applications to manage the actual production orders, material requirements, and job details.

CADTALK NEST integrates to popular nesting applications and ERP systems to capture data from the nesting software, transforming it into bills of material, manufacturing routings, and items inside ERP with additional data required for production. CADTALK NEST standardizes the integration between nesting software and ERP applications ensuring the integration is both cost-effective and supported for new versions of both applications.


key benefits

  • Integrate nesting software with ERP applications
  • Transform engineering CAD bills of material to ERP bills of material, routings, and items
  • Capture production information from nesting software for ERP jobs and work orders
  • Improve manufacturing material planning, scheduling, and costing

How it Works