Off the Shelf CAD Integration for SYSPRO

CADTalk is not a custom software solution.

We all know the perils of custom built solutions. Yeah, they work now but what happens when you need to upgrade your CAD, PDM, or PLM system in the future? Is the custom integration going to work? Will it take advantage of the new features? Will that company continue to support it? The list goes on and on.

CADTalk utilizes a configurable framework to standardize the integration between CAD/PDM software and SYSPRO. That way you will have the flexibility that you need without the downsides of custom built solutions.

We don’t claim to work with every ERP or CAD system on the market. However, we guarantee ongoing rich integration to every system we do support. Therefore, before we decide to integrate to any package we must have a clear path for long term support and deep integration. In our opinion, that requires long term established partnerships and in depth knowledge of each system that we integrate to.

Directly Read Native CAD File Formats (No CAD Software License Required)

CADTalk can directly read the native CAD file formats. It is very common for companies to have a Manufacturing Engineer or downstream production person entering stock codes, structures and routings in SYSPRO. Using CADTalk, those users will be able to directly read the native CAD formats from their engineers or outside customers without requiring a full license of the CAD software. In addition to the above supported CAD Systems, CADTalk also supports reading any text based file format such as xml, csv, fixed width, or delimited file.


Intuitive Bill of Material Editor

Sometimes users need to make manual changes to the Bill of Material or items before they are transferred to SYSPRO. CADTalk provides an interface that has been engineered to be the quickest and most intuitive BOM editor you have ever used. In fact, most users prefer CADTalk over the structures and routings screen in SYSPRO!   Here are just a few of the things you can do with the CADTalk editor.

  1. Add Operations
  2. Add existing or new Structures to the BOM.
  3. Drag and Drop between levels of the BOM.
  4. Mass update fields on multiple items
  5. Review field level changes

Support for N-Level Bill Of Materials

CADTalk is not limited to just a single level BOM! Users can open up an entire assembly and translate every level of the CAD assembly into a fully indented BOM for SYSPRO.

Create Stock Code Records in the SYSPRO

Don’t worry about creating all those stock codes before creating the structures and routings. CADTalk can do that too! If an item doesn’t exist in the SYSPRO, CADTalk will create the stock codes along with the structures and routings.. Users also have to ability to edit all stock code fields (including custom form fields) within the CADTalk user interface prior to transfer.


CAD Image Viewing

Users can view CAD Images directly inside the user interface. These images can also be sent to the SYSPRO multimedia.

Edit/Create SYSPRO Data

CADTalk can edit existing stock codes and their structures and routings. Need to make a edit why not use CADTalk’s cutting edge BOM editor to make the job simple. Want to create a new item quickly? You can do that too!


Full SYSPRO Field Support

CADTalk supports all the fields that you need to create stock codes, structures, and routings in SYSPRO, including custom form fields! CADTalk also supports multimedia. Also, all of these fields can be mapped from any CAD property including custom properties!