SyteLine (Infor CloudSuite Industrial) CAD/PDM/PLM Integration

CADTalk Is The Easiest And Quickest Way To Transfer Your Engineering CAD Data Directly Into SyteLine So You Can Spend More Time Building And Less Time Entering Data.

Seamlessly Get Your CAD/PDM/PLM systems "Talking" to SyteLine (Infor CloudSuite) With CADTalk.

Spend More Time Building

& Less Time Entering Data

“With CADTalk, I Can Start With A Brand New Engineering Design And Have All Of That Data Translated Into SyteLine (Infor Cloudsuite Industrial) In A Matter Of Minutes. No More Waiting For The System To Be Updated!”

Customers Love CADTalk

Here Are A Few Companies That Are Saving A Ton Using CADTalk

Why CADTalk?

  Significantly Reduces Lead Time

CADTalk gets The Engineering Design To The Shop Floor 80+% Faster And Saves You All That Time Waiting For Someone To Enter The Data. Every Minute You Waste Waiting Is A Minute You Can't Build And Ship Your Products To Your Customers.

  Eliminates Duplicate Data Entry

Let's face it, no one likes to repeat themselves. Why do it when entering your item and BOM data? Don't worry! CADTalk can fix that.

  Improves The Values Of ERP

The truth is that SyteLine just doesn't work without a BOM. Scheduling, costing, quality, even MRP itself rely on an accurate Bill of Material in order to function. If you are struggling to get the most value from your ERP investment, the first place to invest would be in BOM accuracy. A small improvement in BOM accuracy can yield exponential improvements in your ERP value.

  Deep Integration

CADTalk provides the deepest integration to SyteLine. We don't claim to integrate to every ERP on the market as we want our integrations to be most full featured and useful. We want to provide the ultimate CAD integration experience for our customers and we feel the best way to do that is to focus on ERP systems that we have deep knowledge of.

  Ongoing Support For Future CAD and SyteLine Version Release

CADTalk is partnered with all of the CAD vendors as well as SyteLine so you don't have to worry about custom software that won't work after you upgrade.

How It Works

Real CAD ERP Integration.

Easy to implement. Easy to use. Easily saving you time.


CAD Integration Made Easy.

CADTalk was built with SyteLine users in mind. We were determined to produce the best CAD integration and BOM editing experience possible with the single goal of getting your design data from engineering to the shop floor as quickly as possible.

Watch to see how it works, and get your demo today!


“Prior to getting CADTalk I would have anywhere from twenty to two hundred prints that I would place into Excel to import into SyteLine [Infor CloudSuite Industrial]. I would then have to turn around and do a rewrite in Bill of Materials. We’re getting things to the shop floor 70% faster and everyone is happy with that!”

– Ron Dahlman

National Bulk Equipment

“We’ve been using CADTalk. Very positive response from the engineers. It’s now the primary mechanism they use for BOM editing.

We also have a large amount of legacy data in various formats in different databases, spreadsheets as well as in CAD files. With CADTalk we’re able to setup mappings to import the data into SyteLine [Infor CloudSuite Industrial].

For us it’s been a big relief and time savings in using CADTalk versus hand entering/managing BOMS.”

-Rodney Thomas

Dynatect Manufacturing

“The product [CADTalk] makes SyteLine [Infor CloudSuite Industrial] livable for BOM editing. In addition, we have asked for about 5 new features and they have delivered all of them in under 30 days (sometimes in days). Their development team is very responsive and knowledgeable, not just about CADTalk, but also SyteLine [Infor CloudSuite Industrial]. It is a great product, and very powerful and configurable (even more so now that they have added some of our feature requests to the rule designer). Engineers at my company love it, and in IT we are able to make it work however we need to. ”

-Dan Hulme

Industrial Electric Manufacturing