AI-Powered BOM Transformation from CAD to ERP

CADTALK is the world’s first and only software leveraging artificial intelligence to transform engineering bills of material (eBOM) from virtually any CAD, PDM, or PLM application into manufacturing bills of material (mBOM) and routings inside most popular ERP applications.

Other applications on the market simply map data from CAD to ERP assuming the data is the same. Worse yet, they require engineers to duplicate ERP related data inside their CAD systems. This method is flawed and lacks sophisticated rules-based artificial intelligence to identify manufacturing operations, costs, and other ERP data that is required to take advantage of ERP features and like planning, scheduling, and costing.

CADTALK’s inherent intelligence allows it to calculate run times, identify vendors, and create inventory records or stock codes turning hours of mind-numbing work into minutes of effortless review saving you time and reducing data entry errors with precise production standards ensuring accurate material planning and production scheduling.

CADTALK ERP is the base for other integrated CADTALK modules including Design for Manufacturing (DFM), Design Automation (DA) for integration to CQP applications, Nesting, and more. CADTALK ERP works with most major ERP applications on the market available from industry leaders like Infor, SAP, Oracle, IFS, Acumatica, SYSPRO, QAD, Epicor, Sage, Microsoft, and more.

CADTALK ERP integrates seamlessly with CAD, PDM, and PLM systems and design models as well as the item master files and bills of material stored in these applications. The CADTALK ERP artificial intelligence engine transforms this data into a format compatible with the manufacturing ERP system creating and/or updating ERP records for items, inventory (stocking locations), bills of material, routings and structures, and more.


  • Faster engineering to production hand-off (80% faster on average)
  • Reduce purchasing mistakes
  • Automatic creation of new inventory records and stock codes
  • Rules-based manufacturing routing creation
  • Implement in about 8 hours
  • Does not require additional CAD or ERP user licenses
  • ROI typically in first 3 months

See How It Works

CADTALK ERP Demonstration Video (15 Minute Video)

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